• Formed and built enormous consumer credit law firm that resolved more than 75,000 lawsuits and creditor claims in matters throughout the United States over a 36 month period prior to selling the firm.
    • More than 500 state and federal lawsuits, both in asserting and defending claims in state and federal courts.
    • RBS Citizens Bank v. Zerby Interests (2015)
      Jury trial with verdict in favor of client in matter involving Breach of Contract, Action for Declaratory Judgment and defense of a Fraud Counterclaim.
    • Successful trial in disputed dissolution of complex multinational business partnership interests.
    • Oklahoma Department of Securities v. Wilcox, Matthews (691 F.3d 1171 (10th Cir. 2012))
      Successful appeal at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on first-impression issue of non-dischargeability of debt related to alleged Ponzi Scheme.
    • Numerous confirmed Chapter 11 bankruptcy plans on behalf of clients including restaurant chains, oil field services companies and hospitality companies.
    • Representation of numerous hotel ownership group restructurings involving franchise disputes.
    • Served as court appointed receiver over hotels, casinos, golf courses, and other real estate matters in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, Arizona, and Minnesota.
    • Served as consulting and testifying expert witness on hotel matters involving dissolution of partnerships, shareholder derivative claims, financial restructurings, and sales tax class action disputes.
    • Multiple successful civil RICO claims asserted against multi-national corporations participating in mortgage fraud, brought on behalf of various lending institutions.
    • Mamoodjanloo v. Wolf (190 P.3d 1170 (Okla. Civ. App. 2008)
      Successful defense of appeal on matter involving successor trustee liability under the Oklahoma Trust Act.
    • Representation of warehouse lender’s interest in $500 million portfolio of business value loans in bankruptcy courts throughout the United States.
    • Whitehorse v. Johnson (156 P.3d 41 (Okla. 2007)
      Successful defense of appeal on issue of interpretation of attorneys’ fee award.
    • More than a dozen successful Chapter 12 farmer bankruptcies confirm in matter often with civil rights violations core to the disputes.
    • Kripp v. Luton (Case No. 05-7062, 10th Cir. 2006)
      Partial Reversal and partial affirmation resulting in case being remanded for further proceeds in the U.S. District Court related to a Section 1983 civil rights matters and Civil RICO case brought against the county district attorney’s office.
    • Several successful Section 1983 civil rights claims and Civil RICO claims asserted various governmental agencies, including county prosecutors.
    • Jones v. Mercy Health Center, Inc. (155 P.3d 9 (Okla. 2006)
      Successful appeal reversing court’s decision regarding the “Loss of Chance” doctrine.
    • Duran v. United States (114 Fed. Appx. 368 (10th Cir. 2014)
      Reversal on appeal in favor of client in civil rights action.
    • Many jury trials in matters asserting claims against both the federal government and state government bodies in matters of civil rights violations.