Haupt Publishes Response to Recent Trump Travel Ban

Our Country is Better than This

The Oklahoman – February 1, 2017

In the Opinion Commentary, “OKC attorney: Our country is better than this” from the The Oklahoman, Attorney Robert Haupt looks beyond just the legal ramifications of the Trump Administration’s Immigration Policy and gives a historical perspective on the morality of these policies and how they impact the very foundation of what it means to be an American.

On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order that suspends all refugee resettlement for 120 days and indefinitely suspends the resettlement of refugees from Syria. Further, the president ordered a 90-day ban of all entries from seven majority-Muslim countries, and provided for its possible extension and expansion. Consequently, permanent U.S. residents and dozens of other legal immigrants were detained at airports across the country during the weekend.

People immigrate to America because they are inspired by our commitment to justice and democracy. To treat as strangers these law-abiding immigrants, to whom we as a nation have granted permanent status, is a stain on the integrity of our country and threatens the democratic principles this nation stands for. This is a dark hour for America. We must all be vigilant in this time and work without ceasing to ensure that fairness, freedom and justice prevail…

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