David R. Osborne

chief innovation officer



Dave is the chief innovation officer at Haupt Law. Over the course of his illustrious career, Dave has held supportive and lead IT positions in a plethora of federal and state organizations, along with roles at Fortune 100 companies. He has also made several forays into the realm of investment, including a brief tenure as a restaurateur. Coincidentally, the latter venture introduced Dave to Haupt Law’s CEO, Robert Haupt.

A self-proclaimed “Technology Evangelist,” Dave has also served as an adjunct instructor and a member of Oklahoma State University at Oklahoma City’s Advisory Board for the Division of Business Technology. Dave’s penchant for security, information, and instruction has found a comfortable home at Haupt Law, where he enjoys the intimate, familiar atmosphere fostered at all levels of the firm.

Dave seeks to inspire Haupt Law’s enterprise and expand the impact of IT while simultaneously developing strategies to ensure the firm’s mission at large. Dave works closely with a variety of pivotal individuals to ensure that the firm’s daily, electronic operations proceed smoothly and efficiently.

Away from the office, Dave is an avid motorcycle enthusiast who loves traveling throughout the country.

Southern Nazarene University
B. S.