Experienced. Effective.

We’ve been in your shoes. we’re on your side.

Haupt Law is led and staffed by experienced lawyers who have not been lawyers all their lives. We’ve been business owners, entrepreneurs, managers and an assortment of other things. We know, from being on your side, that legal issues can be frustrating, frightening and sometimes ridiculously expensive to solve.

Haupt Law can’t promise a perfect outcome, but we can promise this: When you hire us, your interests will become our interests, and our focus will be on resolving whatever it is you are dealing with as directly and beneficially as possible.

We Help business owners and entrepreneurs face down legal challenges and clear a path for growth.

new consumer

For individuals and families facing bills they cannot easily pay, Haupt Law offers two new consumer relief services: Debtor Guard,™ flat fee Chapter 7 bankruptcy representation, and Patient Guard,® a subscription-based medical bill negotiation service.

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